My Lantern Festival Experience!

So this past weekend, I went to the Lantern Festival that was held in Philadelphia with my sister. It was the most magical experience I have ever had. The lanterns in the sky, the day time activities, the crowd, the event crew, everything was just on point! 

Buying the Tickets
I bought it in January even though the event was in June. They had an early bird special, so I got two tickets for about $70 without even knowing who my +1 was. It was a bit cheaper, got it on evenbrite and had the tickets in my email, so I didn't have to print anything. 

Planning my Trip
I didn't start planning the trip until 2 weeks to the event. I like things to go as I imagine and stress free, so I like to be fully prepared. I ended up gifting the ticket to my sister for her lil graduation gift, and that was the best decision ever because we had a blast together, from jamming to all our favorite and throwback songs on the road trip to having a blast at the festival. We had snacks, water, a blanket, mosquito/ bug repellant, sunscreen, cocktails, sandwiches, pillows, an umbrella for the sun, and a camping chair.

Getting there / Finding a spot
It took us about 2.5 hours to get there. we got there at 5pm and it was just the perfect time. It was in Philly but in the woods, so thank god for google maps lol. The event planners did a fantastic job with making it easy to park, getting your hand bands when you got there and finding a spot to sit. The space was big, but there were thousands of people. We found a little spot in the front, where we camped out. We had our blanket and chair well set up, just as we planned and we were comfortable. The stage was directly in-front of us, so we could watch all the performers and rocked out with the DJ. 
While waiting for the Sun to go down
The event planners also did a great job with entertaining us with performers, games, a good DJ that played all genres of music and an MC that kept the crowd engaged. My sister and I took lots of pictures, decorated our lantern, made cocktails, drank and was merry! We really just wanted to chill out, relax and just enjoy being outdoor, we definitely partied with the DJ. Later we lit up the fire bucket and made s'mores. My sister ate it, but I just couldn't bring myself to eating it. It just didn't look like I would like it. My sister loved it! Then at 9:30pm that was when the magic happened.  We start to light up the lanterns. 

The Lantern Experience
I had watched videos and seen pictures, but I tell you the realness cannot be seen in them. It was the most surreal thing. It was BEAUTIFUL and emotional. I felt the presence of something bigger. On my lantern, I wrote a prayer to God and also a list of things I was letting go from my life and Things I was praying to God to add to my life. Lightening up that lantern and watching it float away was very emotional for me. I felt stronger, free, happy and just amazed by the experience. The even more amazing part was I went to church the next day, and the message the pastor was preaching kept emphasizing on;
 God has heard you and He has answered you. You have to be ready to receive the blessing God is about to send your way!
 I was filled with joy and happiness when I heard that and said a big AMEN! I took a lot of pictures and videos and shared it on my personal instagram page @modiva007. Check them out there. 

I recommend this event to everyone. It is an experience you need to see for yourself at least one time in your life. If you get a chance to attend, go with a friend, lover or just simply gift someone with a ticket. They would truly appreciate the experience. 

Skincare Tip
Just to throw in a quick skincare tip, since we are a skincare blog; Make sure you take a Bug Off spray and sunscreen. you will be directly under the sun for a while and there are a lot of bugs as it's an open field with grass. So here are the two things I used and they did a good job because I had no tan lines or bug bites. ;) 

Heres a quick video: 

Have you been to the Lantern Festival? 
Have you had a chance to experience the lantern festival, what did you love most about it? Share in the comment box below.

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