Get That Sexy Summer Body Glow

It's full swing summer here in the US of A and I love my sun kissed skin glow right now. Summer just makes me want to be so radiant all through. I am all about the GLOW! Love that radiant look especially when the sun is beaming. 

I know we all want that sexy summer body glow that gives us the confidence of a celebrity (BEYONCE) on the red carpet. But let's be real most of them spend hours tanning or other derma procedures to get that perfect glow which probably costs a lot. I am here to give you the quickest way to get that sexy glow that will not break the bank or require you to spend time in the sun. Pls be aware that the products I mention below are perfect for dark skin to obtain that radiant bronze look but they have alternative shades for other complexions.

To Obtain the Sexy Summer Glow, follow the steps below;

Exfoliate your skin with a body polish or scrub such as Dermalogica exfoliating body scrub. This is a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation treatment, which thoroughly removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture. It is also really effective and leaves a soft smooth result that lasts for days. Although it's a bit pricey, a little goes a long way, so it lasts longer than most bottled scrubs. 

Hydrate the skin with a good moisturizer that locks in moisture such as Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It is a naturally nourishing, non-greasy lotion formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients to actively soothe and protect dry skin. The formula is proven to moisturize the skin for 24 hours, increasing the skin's moisture level by three times within four hours. The moisturizer is fragrance-free.


Enhance your skin radiance with Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance - Deep Gold. This is a revolutionary moisturize and glow for the body that makes the skin look like velvet perfection. it enhances the skin , evens out he skin tone and really makes your skin look sun kissed. It's not a tanner; it really just enhances the glow. The good thing about it is it doesn't stain your clothes, and doesn't leave streaks, so you can wear it all day.

Illuminate the skin with shimmers of gold from the Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Shimmering Dry Oil. Now this creates a really diva look, that honey kissed bling look. The oil is perfect for any skin tone, but it really compliments dark skin.  It has a subtle shimmer on deep skin tones but it makes the skin look like it is glowing from within. It has a soft gold undertone and is not greasy by any means. It is perfect to put on your arms, shoulders, legs, chest and all the places that you want to glow.

Then lastly, please remember to use sunscreen these oils don't have spf and do not protect your skin from sun damage. Here are some images showing the glowing skin in different photo filters for picture purposes. You just GLOW in all shades. Yes HONEY! 

Left: Summer Glow Skin - Right: Just Moisturized 
Left: Summer Glow Skin - Right Just Moisturized 
Left: Summer Glow Skin - Right: Just Moisturized 
Left: Summer Glow Skin - Right: Just Moisturized (Natural light) 


  1. Thank you for the tips! Esp for my skin tone. Good read!~Cheryl

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