Natural Ways to Boost your Energy Level

Finding natural ways to boost your energy level is easy but not commonly used by most. Most people revert to coffee. Sigh

I'm not a coffee drinker, because I've seen people, especially in the workforce crave coffee every single day, relying on it to provide an energy boost to last them all day at work. I personally don't like anything that seems like an addiction.
My sister is addicted to coffee! without it she almost can't function, to me thats ridiculous! So what inspired me to write this blog was for a few days, maybe weeks, I was having insomnia and was basically functioning daily on 3hrs of sleep. But for some reason, I didnt crash. Don't get me wrong, it took a toll on my body, but I was still getting energy from 'God knows where' that was sustaining me through out the day and at work especially. But now I'm back to a healthier sleeping pattern, and I feel more energized than ever.

I reflect on those times and now, to see where and how I naturally get a boost of energy;

Taking Vitamin B12 Supplement - Keeps me alert and more focused.

Eating the right food - Some vegetables are high in vitamin B & Q10 which stimulated energy production in our bodies, allowing us to be more active. Other energy foods are beans, eggs, bananas, nuts, almond and dark chocolate. yummz!

Getting a good night rest - Sleeping is so important because thats when you organs find time to clear out and rejuvenate our systems. With sleeping, our systems can work better and we can be more active & healthy when we wake up.

Surrounding myself with positive people - Being an extrovert, it's easy to make friends and start conversations. But as I get older, I keep certain conversations far away from me. Negativity really is draining and just makes us low spirited and brings us down. If you aren't saying anything to elevate me, keep me in my positive state and/or motivate me, I am quick to cut you off ✄lol. But honestly, surround yourself with people that will revitalize and stimulate you mind. It creates a burst of energy.

Replace Coffee with Water or Green Tea - Keeping your system hydrated is great for the mind and body. Green tea is a great alternative for coffee because it helps as an energy booster and has less caffeine.

Meditation + Deep Breathing - Now this is my go to for energy. It's crazy how deep breathing really changes the body. We definitely take that for granted. Meditation and deep breathing help to reduce stress, anxiety and help to center our minds. Taking a yoga routinely really helps to stay energized both mentally and physically.

Taking a Break - There is nothing more relieving that taking a break, even if it's just stepping outside to get some sun, or traveling on vacation, away from your home for a few days. Being outdoors and receiving some sun can elevate your mood and allow you to think clearer. So instead of looking for instant distractions, such as watching TV, go for a stroll, travel or just go to a near by park, sit down and take in all that good air and sun.

Boosting our energy is not as hard as we think and doesn't require a doctors prescription. We just have to plan it and add it to our daily schedule so we can be more fulfilled and live a more energized life. Hope this was helpful. 

What are ways you source energy? 



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