Burning 1000+ Calories In One Gym Session

Hello there, Beautiful!
So of Late I have been on my fitness journey!
As of last week I weighed 170 -The most I have ever weighed in my whole entire life.
I know som people might say "relax its not that much" but when your body starts aching, you know its time to do something about it. My knees felt weak and also, I ran out of breath so easily.
Its crazy how when I was younger I could eat all day and not gain a pound. but now all these American hormones injected food, just messes up with my body. I could eat something as small as a spoon of rice and I put on 10 pounds.
Anyway, Today at work, we had a lot of celebrations and they brought in 3 cakes, and lunch. For lunch they brought in Mac and cheese with salmon and the 3 different types of cake that I just had to try! Yes I had a slice of each. By the time I was done eating it, I felt so guilty to even put my food in my Fitbit app cos I knew I wasn't suppose to eat all that.
Anyway I did and I ate 1200 calories worth of food. 😞 My daily consumption is 1000cals if I wanna get to 130lbs by January 2019. so I was so mad at myself. I decided to challenge myself to loosing 1000 calories at the gym even if its going to take me 5 hours, then so be it! we shall sleep there. lol. Just so you know I usually burn 300cals or less at the gym on a regular, so 1000 cals is really going to be a BIG Challenge for me.
SO I began researching how to loose 1000 calories at the gym. after reading over 20 articles, I finally put a plan together to get me there.

Work out plan to loose 1000 Calories in one Gym Session

- Jumprope: 100 jumps
- Treadmill: 4mph at 6 incline - 250 Calories
- Rowing: 16mph - Sprinting intervals every 45seconds - 100 calories
- Stationed bike riding: Interval sprints - 250 cals
- Elliptical for - 250 calories
- Treadmill for another - 250 calories


This session took me 2 hours and some change. I rested maybe 3-5 minutes in between some, when I felt so drained, I drank a whole bottle of water, taking sips here and there through out.
I aint gonna lie to you, I really didnt think I was gonna make it, but I kept pushing myself all the very end. I burnt over 12000 calories according to my Fitbit. But my motto was JUST DO IT!
Now that I have seen my capabilities, I think I can definitely do more than 300 calories a session.They always say every disappointment is a blessing and my blessing was I was able to really push myself beyond my limit and reach greater heights. I am so glad I did it, and I look forward to burning more through different forms of cardio, so I dont get bored.
Now, Can you loose 1000 calories in one gym session? I put you to the challenge. If I can do it, so can you.
Till next time.

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